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Associate Director, Morphology Core

Company Name: Gene Therapy Program, University of Pennsylvania Approximate Salary: Not Specified
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Country: United States
Industry: Management Position type: Full Time
Experience level: > 5 years Education level: Master's Degree

Short Description:
Lead operations for research studies of gene therapy efficacy and perform toxicology studies for IND submissions.
Long Description:
The Gene Therapy Program (GTP) is entering a new era of unprecedented opportunity with the great potential to reshape the face of medicine, as we know it. Our discoveries have set the stage for successful treatments and possibly even cures for devastating genetic diseases.

The laboratory of Dr. Jim Wilson, at GTP of the University of Pennsylvania, has been a leader in the development of innovative vector technology for close to three decades. We have emerged as the ‘go-to’ organization for public and private partners, who want to participate in the gene therapy space. Currently, we are positioned to lead another round of vector innovation and establish pre-clinical and clinical proof-of-concept in therapeutic applications of in-vivo genome editing.

The Cell Morphology Core is a core facility of the Gene Therapy Program which provides GTP investigators with access to standard and advanced histology and cell morphology-related technologies (paraffin and cryo-sectioning, special stains, immunostaining, histochemistry, in situ hybridization, and other morphologic techniques).

Our Cell Morphology Core is currently looking to add an Associate Director, Morphology Core to lead operations for research studies of gene therapy efficacy and perform toxicology studies for IND submissions.

As the Associate Director of the Morphology Core, you will assist the Core Director in the overall day-to-day operation of the core. This includes planning/scheduling core-related activities, archiving and creating inventories of tissue samples, help with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliance/documentation, performing or overseeing animal necropsies, interacting with GTP scientists, and representing the Core Director at meetings.

To Apply, please go to:


- The minimum of an MS and 3-5 years of work experience in a histology lab or similar environment or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required. Ph.D. strongly preferred. Experience in all aspects of histology including animal necropsies (rodents and large animals), tissue processing, sectioning, various staining techniques, IHC, ISH, microscopy, image analysis, automated staining required

- GLP experience in the context of a histology/toxicology lab or similar environment preferred.

- Experience in supervising staff and team-leading preferred
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