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Histotech/Lab Manager

Company Name: Folio Biosciences Approximate Salary: Not Specified
Location: Powell, Ohio Country: United States
Industry: Histotechnologist (HTL) Position type: Full Time
Experience level: 2 - 5 years Education level: HT Certification, HT(ASCP)

Short Description:
Histotech with diverse skills needed in private industry biobanking/research company, who has superior organizational skills and attention to detail. Must work well independently and act as a service provider within the company.
Long Description:
Duties (in no particular order):
-Daily temperature checks of freezers
-Cutting unstained slides and H&E staining
-Cutting curls for affiliated company and/or clients
-Communicate with project managers to prioritize tasks to client needs
-Answer project manager’s histology questions
-Coverslipping manually or operating coverslipper
-Running the automated stainer for H+Es
-Empty and clean stainer tubs of reagents and refill next day
-Optimizing stain protocols (reprogramming stainer)
-Cutting frozen tissue
-Re-embedding poorly embedded tissue
-Dividing tissue in FFPE blocks and re-embedding pieces
-Reading microanatomy via microscope to divide tissue (eg. including all relevant structures, compensating for necrosis, calculating new Tumor %, etc.)
-Cleaning lab
-Ordering supplies monthly
-Sampling new brands and talking with sales reps to pursue savings
-Change protocols to save money or be more efficient
-Organize and deliver annual safety training to other employees
-Enforce safety rules
-Conduct FFPE warehouse operations - pulling blocks
-Resupply warehouse equipment (cabinets, sticker labels, etc)
-Receive and incorporate deliveries of blocks and/or slides to the warehouse
-Assist Immunohistochemistry dept. manager
-Fix and gross fresh tissue for processing
-Train lab assistants or interns in microtomy, staining, and embedding
-Maintain and fill out various laboratory logs
-Create and optimize new special staining protocols
-Manage hazardous waste removal

Salary is negotiable based on experience. Full benefits available.

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