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Research Assistant

Company Name: Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine Approximate Salary: Not Specified
Location: Manhattan, Kansas Country: United States
Industry: Research Position type: Full Time
Experience level: < 2 years Education level: Bachelor's Degree

Short Description:
The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory with the College of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University seeks a full time term Research Assistant.
Long Description:
This position will cover histology duties related to service and research. Duties will included trimming (grossing) of fixed biopsy and necropsy tissues, embedding tissues in paraffin wax, cutting tissues on a microtome and preparing glass slides of the tissues in accordance with those QA/QC guidelines of an AAVLD accredited laboratory. Also, routine filing of slides, tissue blocks, data entry, operating and maintaining automated histology equipment, immunohistochemical staining, disposing of tissues and updating standard operating procedures.

Responsibilities include:
-Prepare tissue sections for histopathology: diagnostic and research samples (glass slides).
-Embed processed tissues in paraffin wax, cut tissue sections on microtome and prepare glass slides, stain tissue sections using appropriate stains for routine histopathology (H&E) and special stains as requested, coverslip slides (all steps of producing glass slides from beginning to end). Perform special stains to determine the presence of fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria or other infectious agents/abnormal cellular morphology in formalin fixed tissue sections.
-Maintain embedding station, autostainers and automatic coverslipper and tissue processors.
-Trim biopsy, necropsy and research tissues for histopathology. This task includes trimming samples for margin evaluation when necessary, documenting tissue/biopsy samples received, and providing written images/drawings/photographs for use by the pathologist reading the slides. Includes writing on or printing cassettes with the semi-automated cassette printer, cleaning and maintaining the trim areas and associated equipment.
-Maintain trim room, maintaining inventory of trimming supplies.
-Assist in the histopathology and immunohistochemistry areas.
-Assist in the process of immunohistochemical staining for prion diseases (scrapie, chronic wasting disease), very limited fluorescent antibody testing and limited operation of digital pathology projects will be required.
-Assist in writing stand operating procedures.

Required Qualifications include:
Bachelor's degree in microbiology, biology, chemistry, animal science or other related fields. Eight years of histology laboratory experience may be substituted for education as determined relevant by the agency. One year of wet laboratory experience.

Preference will be given to those with certification in histotechnology, ASCP [histotechnician (HT) or histotechnologist (HTL)]; histology experiences. Familiarity with laboratory tests and procedures, working knowledge of chemistry, familiarity with animal diseases, interest in animals, a good team player and knowledge of safe laboratory practices.

To apply, please submit an application along with a cover letter, resume and contact information for three professional references at
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